About WWP


Women With Pencils is a media created in april 2017 in order to give more visibility to women artists. We want Women With Pencils to be a special place where all kinds of women artists can be represented. 



Emma Kahlhoven - I created Women With Pencils in april 2017, I mostly work on this project and I'm also doing some illustration. I like swords and snakes, drawing hands and eyes, old bookstores and walks in the woods. |  instagram 

Joséphine Onteniente I'm an illustrator and the proud partner of Emma on this project. I joined Women With Pencils in August 2017. I love reading, writing, baking christmas cookies for my friends and pine trees. | instagram 

· For more informations or projects, please write to us at womenwithpencils@gmail.com
· Sketch of Emma & Joséphine by Krôh - instagram